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Spring Refresh Means a New Look

Spring Refresh at LMD Productions - Rodd, Bink, & Loki


We are crafting a fresh new look for our own story at LMD that we are excited to share.

Spring is coming and bringing with it a splash of new color, a breath of fresh air, and a revitalizing sense of endless possibility. For over 25-years, we have designed and brought to life many incredible moments to remember through telling event stories with specialized lighting, drapery, decor, and entrances. Today, we are crafting a fresh new look for our own story at LMD that we are excited to share with you in the coming months. From our logo to our website, we hope you enjoy discovering the new elements and visuals that embody and showcase our passion to transform spaces.

From indoor to outdoor venues to tented events, the magic and power of lighting and flow of fabrics can uniquely elevate one’s experience and senses. We invite you to be transported and immersed into modern luxury and unforgettable focal point ideas with our new series of vignettes, showcasing how lighting to fabric can cultivate a unique and breathtaking atmosphere for your next event. We believe that by nurturing our surroundings, a greater sense of emotion can be drawn out, ultimately guiding a heightened experience and lasting memory.

LMD designs capture the eye and draw one in emotionally and physically. Here is a sneak peek into one of our new vignettes:

LMD Productions New Vignette
  • Rich and textured fabrics
  • Warm and inviting tones
  • A touch of playfulness

We are looking forward to sharing more of our new designs with you as we step into spring. Let’s work together to bring your dreams to reality. Through our years of transforming spaces, we have learned one of the most unforgettable and defining memories is a memory shared with others. We can’t wait to share in the design and transformation of your next event, making an unforgettable day.


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