Professional Event Lighting

Get Lit

Lighting is one of our passions at LMD Productions. We take into account the details of your event’s setting, the mood you want to convey, and we create a lighting plan that will bring out the very best of your event.

Illuminate Elegance - Event Lighting

Light doesn’t just illuminate spaces — it adds texture to surfaces, brings a heightened sense of drama and importance to any setting, and can be a creative way to make intimate spaces within larger ones.

Décor Lighting

Show off your style with professionally designed accent lighting, color washes, and uplighting.

LED Treatments

Endless possibilities open up when using LED lighting: Drapes, fabric backdrops, & more gain a new dimension.

Lighting for Entertaining

Take the party to the next level by incorporating light and music–bands, DJs, dance floors, & more.

Stage Lighting

It takes spotlights, trusses, and experience to expertly light a stage.

Guest Table Lighting

Create a warm environment for your guests with pinspot lighting, under lighting, & other creative approaches.

Specialty Lighting

Creating a magical outdoor space with lanterns & string lights? Whatever your dream looks like, we’ll make it happen.

Enchanting Outdoor Event Lighting

A key ingredient to beautiful event design and decor.
Outdoor Event Lighting - Tented Wedding
Outdoor event lighting serves as the magical touch that brings any occasion to life, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings. Whether it’s a wedding under the stars or a lively celebration in a garden venue, the strategic placement of lights can create an ambiance that captivates and enchants. Imagine a canopy of fairy lights twinkling overhead, casting a warm and inviting glow on the festivities below. Pathways adorned with luminous lanterns guide guests through the event space, adding a touch of romance to every step.
The play of light and shadow on architectural elements, floral arrangements, and table settings adds depth and dimension, elevating the overall aesthetic. From string lights and lanterns to strategically positioned uplighting, outdoor event lighting is the secret ingredient that turns gatherings into unforgettable experiences, where every moment is bathed in the perfect luminosity.
Dynamic Lighting

Color-Shifting Event Lighting

Color offers a transformative power to nurture emotion and memory.
The dynamic world of event lighting goes beyond mere illumination; it is a symphony of hues that orchestrates the mood, emotion, and thematic essence of any gathering. Changing colored event lighting is the key element that can magically shift the atmosphere, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. From the vibrant energy of bold reds to the serene tranquility of blues, the right lighting scheme can evoke a spectrum of emotions. Whether it’s a lively celebration, a sophisticated gala, or an intimate wedding, the ability to alter colors in real-time allows for a seamless transition between different phases of an event.

Set the right tone at the right time.

As the lights dance and change, so too does the ambiance, creating a visually dynamic and emotionally resonant experience that lingers in the memories of all who attend. In the realm of event design, color-shifting lighting isn’t just a technical feature; it’s the artistic brushstroke that paints the canvas of a truly immersive and unforgettable occasion.
Bold Lighting Ideas

Showstopping Chandeliers

Statement to reinforce headline for event lighting.
Special Event Lighting Design
Corporate Lighting Design

Highlight What Matters with Expert Lighting Design.

Create an experience you can see

The Designer Difference

Custom lighting: It’s like the difference between a piece of clothing made for you and something you pull off the rack. At LMD Productions, we tailor every lighting decision to bring out the best of the event that you have in mind.
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