Who we are

Introducing LMD Productions

An event décor company with a passion for building spaces with light, texture, and color.
About LMD Productions - Event Decor Company
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Experienced. Professional. Photogenic.

We’re a company with a track record you can rely on. But the spaces we create are anything but predictable.
We take an architectural approach to design, dreaming and building in three dimensions that you don’t just see — you inhabit.
Over the years, we’ve assembled a vast collection of materials and ideas you won’t find anywhere else.
Event Decor Company - LMD Productions
About LMD Productions - Event Decor Company

We’ve introduced ourselves. Now it’s your turn!

Let us know who you are and what you’re thinking about.

Don’t do routine.

With LMD Productions, no client request is too much. We thrive on making your individuality come through your event. Regardless of how many events we produce, each one is a first of its kind.
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