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Special Event Lighting: The Focus is on Safety and Design

Special Event Lighting by LMD Productions


Special events bring us together. With these tips, learn how best to setup and design your special event lighting.

Let’s talk special event lighting. Whether you’ve considered hiring an expert lighting designer or if it’s a thought you’ve been pondering, we are here to share how lighting makes all the difference when it comes to setting the tone and overall mood you desire for your special occasion.

Why is special event lighting so important, you might ask? Simply put, it can drastically change the impact of your event and completely transform the look, the feel, and the overall ambiance of your venue. Event lighting’s main function is to showcase and increase the value of the story you are sharing, whether a corporate meeting, a non-profit Gala, a birthday, an anniversary celebration, or your dream wedding.

At LMD Productions we take pride in knowing that we can walk into any venue and assess the challenges that might be present keeping in mind our ultimate goal is to exceed our client’s vision. Our focus is to ensure the mood is set from the moment you enter the room, throughout cocktails and dinner and into the night as you dance under a starlit canopy.

Special Event Lighting Tips

The First Steps in Special Event Lighting

Working with lighting professionals is crucial for the successful planning, installation, and design expectations. Lighting pros ask lots of questions.

  • What type of function are you having?
  • What type of venue; hotel ballroom, outdoor tent, etc…
  • How many guests?
  • Will there be centerpieces?
  • Is there a theme or color scheme?
  • What are the entertainment details?
  • What is the event budget and much more…

Once we have the lay of the land, if we are unfamiliar with your venue, we will do a site inspection ensuring the rigging points are set, power distribution is available, and ultimately determine the style of lighting that will ideally transform your space based on the information you’ve shared. We will always take your event size and preferred aesthetic into consideration.

Special Event Lighting by LMD Productions

The Event Plan

Our team will obtain a room layout in order to properly determine the amount of event drapery and lighting required to meet our client’s design vision. The floor plan will include the tables, buffets, main stage, dance floor and bars allowing our lighting designers to prepare a proper lighting plan ensuring the proper placement and electrical distribution.

We consider where guests will be spending the majority of the time throughout the evening. We look at whether pin spots should be considered to artfully light centerpieces, floral arrangements, buffets and bars, and ultimately ensure there is no glare to the guests.

Special Event Lighting by LMD Productions

The Style of Lighting and Color

When it comes to event lighting, we are all about LED (light emitting diode) lights. LED lights are approximately ten times more efficient, they last longer and use less electricity to produce the same amount of ambient light.

At LMD Productions we always take color into consideration. Washing the room creates an ambiance that allows guests to see clearly and look their best without being too harsh or bright. Washing the room in the proper color gives the room a warm glow and makes guests feel comfortable. Additionally, we provide lighting washes to the walls, ceiling, and drapery as it provides a transformational effect to the venue.

Special Event Lighting by LMD Productions

Lighting Effects

Special lighting effects like Gobos can really impress your audience or guests. Gobos are lights which project a bright corporate logo or patterned design into the event space. These can be static, moving or fade in and out. At LMD Productions we enjoy using Gobos to display patterned lights onto the walls or ceiling of an event space to create that magical atmosphere.

Special Event Lighting by LMD Productions

The Elegance of Fabric and Lighting

A stunning look that’s simpler to achieve than you might think is soft, billowing curves of white fabric above your reception area. Stringing twinkle lights within the folds of the fabric allows for a soft glow throughout the entire room.

When your venue has existing fixtures or a large central chandelier, we embrace the challenge of allowing this fixture to be the main centerpiece and attaches sheets of fabric extending out to the perimeter points, billowing outwards to the corners of the room. The end result – magic.

Event Safety

It goes without saying that safety is our number one concern at LMD Productions. We will ensure your power is in place, the lighting treatment is the right wattage for your event design and decor, and that cords are safely in place.

We hope these tips have helped you gain a better understanding of how to light your next special event. There is so much to consider but with the proper event lighting, your special celebration will be more than you dreamed possible.

At LMD Productions, we have over three decades of experience in lighting thousands of events and are here to help you plan and bring you next event vision to life. See us in action and check out our event galleries.


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