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Lighting Effects: Movement and Mood

Lighting Effects by LMD Productions


How you might use lighting effects in your next event to set the mood? Here's a list of some of our favorite lighting fixtures & treatments.

In just a few short weeks, the fall colors in the Rocky Mountains will peak and the rich golds, reds, and oranges will be accented by the late afternoon sunshine of autumn. When we think about fall time and bringing in the natural warmth and waning light of an autumn afternoon, we are reminded by nature that lighting is a key influencer of mood. 

Over the years, LMD has had the opportunity to transform spaces and set the mood through the use of specialized lighting plans, which ultimately help to create unique and unforgettable events. In thinking about how you might use lighting effects in your next event to set the mood, we thought we would share a list of some of our favorite lighting fixtures and treatments for inspiration: 

1. LED Up Lights Add Depth and Create A Dynamic Visual Impact

LED Uplights from LMD Productions

Create an illusion of higher ceilings and wider spaces.

Whether you are looking for lighting to jazz up the room, a playful effect, elegance or corporate success, LED uprights add depth and create a visual impact to any space.

2. LED Wall Washes Highlight Set Pieces and Light Up Backdrops

LED Wall Washes by LMD Productions

Illuminate Walls with a Linear and Uniform Wash of Light.

This type of lighting was originally used on theater shows and photos studios. The LMD Production team have adopted this style of lighting fixture to provide a clean and attractive wash of lighting making it perfect to light up long set pieces and backdrops.

3. GOBO’s (“GOes Between Optics”) Project Patterns, Monograms, and More

GOBO Lights by LMD Productions

This lighting effect enables you to leave your own unique style mark.

By using a small stenciled disc made out of metal, plastic or glass and placing it with ellipsoidal (LEKO) lighting fixtures, we are able to create a sharp projected pattern for stage backdrops, walls, ceilings and floors. GOBOs are ideal for projecting monograms onto the dance floor!

4. Combined LED Washes, Pin Spotting, and GOBOs

Combined LED Washes, Pin Spotting, and GOBOs by LMD

A narrow beam of lighting brings focus and attention to specific areas and elements of a venue. 

By bringing focus and attention, this is a fantastic way to highlight centerpieces, buffet and bar areas, cake tables or dessert stations at your event.

This stunning combination can be used to set the tone of any event and is guaranteed to entertain guests while calling attention to the details you’d like to emphasize.

5. Twinkle Lighting Craft Elegance

Twinkle Lighting Craft Elegance with LMD Productions

They Offer Timeless Tales of Elegance.

Drama and elegance can be added to any wedding, special event or holiday celebration with classic and timeless twinkle lighting.  

6. Market Lights Bring Warmth and Brightness

Market Lights by LMD Productions

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues!

Also known as Bistro Lights or Ping Pong Lights, we love to use market lighting for both indoor and outdoor venues. These string lights provide a wonderful effect drawing warmth and brightness into your event, whether it be a wedding, corporate event or party.

7. Chandeliers – Be Bold, Be Elegant, Be Memorable

Chandeliers by LMD Event Lighting

Select from over 20 Chandeliers Designs!

Custom lighting using our show stopping chandelier inventory can impact and create a variety of moods from being bold, to timeless elegance, to memorable immersion within the light of the chandeliers. 

8. Paper Lanterns offer Magical Transformation 

Paper Lanterns - LMD Productions

Soften and engage the senses with lanterns.

We love to mix paper lanterns with upside down umbrellas for a truly magical transformation to any room.


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