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The Magic of the Holiday Season Comes to Life with Lighting

Special Event Drapery


As we step into the holiday season, special event lighting makes a room truly magical. Here are a few of our favorite lighting set-ups.

As we step into the holiday season, special event lighting makes a room truly magical this time of year. From corporate holiday parties to winter weddings, bringing the warmth and festivity of the holiday season into any special event can be made possible by playing with both light and shadow. Using moving lights or romantic twinkle lighting, the bright and warm feeling of being together with friends and family can be captured in lighting and set the mood at any party. Here are a few of our favorite lighting set-ups to bring the magic of lighting an event to your next party.

Special Event Lighting and Drapery Treatment Says Magical Holidays

To add dimensional focus, suspend white drapery panels creating space within a space and add a soft glow as well as wintry blue uplighting. Pinspot the centerpiece throughout leaving your guests feeling immersed in a winter wonderland setting.

Suspended Drapery Panels - Magic of Lighting

To embrace the romance of the holiday season, twinkle lights and market lights will transform a dark room into a bright and merry scene.

Twinkle Lights

December is a magical time of the year which is why winter weddings abound. Chuppahs and Canopies with three-dimensional applications provide a whimsical design for soft lighting guest.

Special Event Chuppahs

Holiday parties with a futuristic flair are created with floor to ceiling draping treatment featuring vertical market lighting drops and finished with suspended sputnik lighting fixtures creating chandeliers of tomorrow.

Sputnik Lighting Fixtures

In thinking about professional special event lighting this season, highlighting what matters most to you is a key part of using light to draw your guest’s attention. Here at LMD Productions and as your event décor company, we are ready to help transform your holiday party to capture what matters most through light and shadow. 


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