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ZOE’s Musical Bat Mitzvah Celebration

A blast from the past bat mitzvah inspiring nostalgia.

Nostalgic Extravaganza: A Blast from the Past at Temple Emanuel's Social Hall

As guests entered the Social Hall at Temple Emanuel, a feeling of nostalgia and a blast-to-the-past welcomed one and all.

The tables were adorned with pink neon-lit musical notes, vinyl records spelling out ZOE, mini mirror balls, vinyl records and microphones with candy sprinkled about.

A black fiber optic curtain embellished with an oversized, lighted ‘ZOE’ served as the entertainment backdrop for this special celebration.

Perimeter walls were treated with floor to ceiling fabric panels up washed in deep purples and magentas along with special intelligent lighting effects that created both a whimsical and energetic vibe throughout the hall.

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