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Spruce Mountain Ranch – Planner Brunch

A magical, rejuvenating, and rustic environment created at Spruce Mountain Ranch for a Planner Brunch.

Cultivating Curiosity!

There was something truly magical about designing the rustic space Spruce Mountain Ranch for the Planner Brunch.

Spruce Mountain Ranch treated their planners to curiosity workshops and delicious food and drinks!

The walls inside Spruce Mountain’s rustic lodge were transformed with our rich floor-to-ceiling emerald velour draping.

A custom gobo was created welcoming one and all to this rustic retreat for meeting planners.

Our moving head lights created geometric patterns throughout the ceiling adding to the warmth and overall charm of this amazing venue.

Planner’s booths were framed by the velour drape allowing guests to mingle and learn more while wrapped in warm and inviting designs.

The ceiling was transformed with the use of suspended wicker chandeliers that playfully danced about the large space.

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