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Mountain Wedding Tent Design

Colorado Tented Weddings in the Rocky Mountains provide a dramatic, romantic, and rememberable event location.

Summer in Colorado in synonymous with mountain weddings and LMD Productions loves to transform the venues, especially event tents.
September weddings are ideal in Colorado; weather is slightly cooler; trees have a hint of yellows and orange, and guests know the snow will soon arrive making the celebration all the grander.
From massive clear tents to peaked tents with center poles, the transformations include a multitude of white string lighting paired with antler and wicker fixtures suspended at elevated heights. The perimeter structure and poles are adorned with sheer white fabrics along with scalloped swags of soft white lighting adding romance and charm throughout. Perimeter walls and ceiling are washed in soft pinks and lavender hues. Centerpieces are pin spotted adding the perfect finishing touch.
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