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Letting Your Light Shine

Lighted Tunnel and Conversation Area by LMD Productions


Without specifically designed lighting, a space is just a space, and an event is just an event.

Even before the days of Cavemen, through Medieval times and to present, the importance of light is hard to deny. This importance (to all societies and cultures) can be traced through the idioms and colloquialisms that encompass adding light: not only to special occasions but also to everyday life, with the purpose of enhancing one’s existence. You find it in song: You Light Up My Life, Light My Fire, and Blinded by the Light (among thousands of others). People are often asked to ‘shed some light on this’ or encouraged to ‘let your light shine’. Of course, you are probably familiar with ‘having a guiding light,’ or ‘giving the green light’. There’s the ‘light at the end of the tunnel,’ and ‘light years away’. At night the lucky ones find themselves ‘out like a light’. And then there was light…

Of course, lighting is our business, but it would be a little ironic to not acknowledge all of these significant references and connections. Once you accept the importance of light in the overall world, it is easy to delve into the importance of event lighting and the types of lighting provided by LMD Productions.

Beginning To See The Light

Without specifically designed lighting, a space is just a space, and an event is just an event. Event lighting goes beyond just illumination. It captures a mood, creates intimacy, highlights drama and transforms your venue. It adds depth and ambiance and creates a story with motion and energy.  Intentional lighting makes your grand event absolutely monumental; it highlights what matters.  Whatever your style or event, carefully crafted and custom lighting designs bring your intention, flair, and panache. 

Letting Your Light Shine - Chandelier and Color Wash

Hues of Event Lighting

Decor Lighting shows off your style with professionally designed accent lighting, color washes and uplighting. Accent lighting draws focus, highlights or emphasizes certain objects or individuals.  Whatever you want to take center stage, accent lighting makes it happen. A color wash provides a fill of even color in a chosen hue. It literally “washes” your room in the chosen tint. Uplighting involves placing individual light sources at the base of points of interest to draw attention to their details.

LED Treatments could involve the use of lighting drapes, fabric backdrops and uplighting. LED (light-emitting diode) lights are semiconductors that show a visible light when an electrical current passes through them. That sounds pretty technical, doesn’t it. For your event, when thinking LED, think curtains of light, scenery created by light and another way to use uplighting.

Lighting for Entertaining means that the very special DJ or Band you have hired or even the dance floor itself is accented and featured, making sure your guests feel comfortable and motivated to use their boogie shoes. Add extra excitement and pizzazz with moving lights, gobos (objects placed in front of a light so the shape is projected in shadow) or even your monogram featured in light. Each added effect makes your event that much more memorable through detailed planning.

Stage Lighting can be incorporated at any event featuring a platform for a speaker or ceremony. Truss lighting is an arch or tower support system that, when lit, creates a frame around the featured action.  Spotlights project an intense beam of light directly onto a person or place. Again, these could be used for a speaker or ceremony.

Guest Table Lighting creates a warm environment for your guests. Pin Spots and under lighting are ways to create mood. Pin Spots are similar to spotlights, but used to illuminate centerpieces, tables or other important design elements of your event. Under lighting is a creative way to add to the overall effect of your venue by lighting the table from underneath, so that the table appears to “glow”!

Specialty Lighting can help you create magical scenes for any type of event, through the use of market lights, string lights and lanterns. These are also sometimes called Bistro Lights or Ping Pong Lights.  These are especially well used in themed events to create a certain type of charming atmosphere.

Chandeliers are perhaps the most recognizable to the general public of all the lighting types we have described. Technically, a chandelier is an ornamental fixture suspended from a ceiling. Whatever motif in which they are used, chandeliers are sure to make a statement of elegance, timelessness, and style.  Best of all, they do not have to be a permanent fixture in your venue, we can bring them to you to complete your design plan.

Whatever your event, when you know you want ‘to let your light shine’ while putting your best foot forward, be bold in creating an experience you can see. We custom design every lighting decision to make sure your event is exactly what you have in mind.

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