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Gemma’s Glowing Celebration

Check out this Let's Glow Black Light Party for this coming of age celebration. The guests danced the night away at this colorful gathering.

A Radiant Revelry. The Cool Vibes were unleashed with a Black Light Party experience!

Gemma's Dazzling 'Let's Glow' Party at the Clayton Hotel

A fun fact…Black Lights can be traced to the early 1900’s when Robert Williams Wood invented Wood’s Glass, a material that filtered visible light waves, leaving ultra-violet and infra-red waves visible. Black Lights, however, did not explode until the late 1960s and 1970s becoming a huge pop culture.

Gemma and her friends had the time of their lives at her “Let’s Glow” party at the Clayton Hotel in Denver. The dance floor and DJ backdrop served as a main focal point and invited everyone to boogie the night away on a glowing floor. Festive decor elements including alpha lit marquee lettering, vibrant graffiti walls and wings, and incredible balloon art transformed the room. The ceiling was adorned in geometric glowing elements while black sculpted tables and ghost chairs showcased a festive table scape complete with luminous floral designs.

LMD Productions provided the perfect backdrop in black which allowed the black light designs to literally come to life. Additional rooms within the space were created and sectioned off in black adding dimension and intrigue to the party. Black lighting was positioned throughout the floor and ceiling to create this glowing successful celebration.

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