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Moving Heads Event Lighting


Moving Heads Create Atmosphere

Highlight a feature, a moment, or set the mood with dynamic light and movement.
Product Feature: Moving Heads

Make smart decisions with intelligent and dynamic event lighting.

An automated lighting system with motorized control of beam movement and featured motorized functions for gobo, colors and zoom changes. At LMD Productions we love to use our moving heads to highlight a feature wall with lighting movement as well as project patterns of light throughout the ceiling adding visual interest and intrigue throughout the evening.
Automated lighting systems revolutionize event dynamics by offering seamless transitions between different moods and moments, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance without manual intervention. These systems provide unparalleled flexibility, enabling event organizers to create captivating visual displays that perfectly synchronize with the theme and flow of the occasion.

Moving Heads adapt to any occassion.

A versatile event tool, ready to set the tone and mood.

Whether it’s a high-energy concert, an elegant wedding, or a corporate gala, the agility and range of movement of moving head fixtures contribute to a transformative experience.
These lights can heighten a romantic ambiance, offer subtle and fluid transitions between soft pastels during intimate moments and lively bursts of color for celebratory dances. The ability to set the tone, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall experience makes moving heads a key component in creating memorable and impactful events across the spectrum of genres and themes.

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