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Creating a Rainbow Room at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Transforming from Colorado Rustic ambiance to a Rainbow Room.

When LMD Productions was asked to transform the grand ballroom of the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek from a Colorado Rustic ambiance to a Rainbow Room, the designers went to work on a design that would not only meet but exceed the client’s request.
To create a blank pallet, the room was first treated with floor-to-ceiling white fabric which not only served to lighten the overall ambiance but provide the backdrop for the specialty lighting washes.
Specialty white furniture, tables and chairs, as well as, an eye-catching buffet presentation added to the modern party vibe throughout.
LMD Productions provided LED up washes throughout in vibrant reds, fuchsia, blues, yellows and purples.
The result… “The Rainbow Club at Beaver Creek.”
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