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Cold Sparklers Add That Wow Factor!

Cold Sparklers are up-and-coming special effects that offer pyrotechnic display without the dangers of traditional fireworks.

Product Feature - Cold Sparklers
Photo by That First Moment - thatfirstmoment.com
Product Feature - Cold Sparkler Fountains
Photo by Alicia Rinka Photography - aliciarinka.com

Cold Sparkler Fountains are the new sparklers and we’re loving this safer entrance, exit, dancing effect trend.

Cold sparkers offered the ideal ingredient for this perfect summer celebration complete with a clear span tent.
LMD Productions added a ‘starry starry night’ atmosphere with hundreds of white miniature lights inside the main clear span tent.
Following dinner, guests had the time of their lives dancing the night away with LMD’s new featured Cold Sparklers. Showcased on either side of the main entertainment stage, these sparklers were certainly the talk of the evening.
These up-and-coming special effects were a huge hit as they give the appearance of a beautiful pyrotechnic display without the dangers and complications associated with traditional fireworks.
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