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Celebrate Ash Vegas Bat Mitzvah

An incredible Summer of 2023 Bat Mitzvah takes on Night Fever and Las Vegas theme for this Coming of Age Party.

Sparkling Memories: A Bat Mitzvah Extravaganza at Non +Plus Ultra

Journey into the Unforgettable 'Celebrate Ash Vegas' Event, Featuring Iconic Moments and LMD Productions' Spectacular Lighting at Denver's Premier Venue

There’s Saturday Night Alive featuring John Travolta dancing to ‘Night Fever’ on a lighted plexiglass dance floor under the prisms of a Mirror ball and then there’s the incredible Summer of ’23 Bat Mitzvah at Non +Plus Ultra in Denver. This iconic and extraordinary venue was the perfect space for this young lady’s “Celebrate Ash Vegas” event.
The event’s highlights included; a massive trussing structure positioned in the center of the room supporting Moving Head Lighting Fixtures, Mirror Balls, Silver Mirror Orbs and a Celebrate “Ash” Vegas customized dance floor.
LMD Productions’ Moving Head Lighting fixtures were a huge hit as they provided a variety of colors, theme effects and design throughout this massive space creating energy, movement and fun throughout the entire evening.
Surrounding the dance floor, guests tables touted centerpiece designs with massive plumes, dimensional dice and cards, and clear plexiglass chairs.
Seating vignettes enhanced with lighted dice, black faux leather couch and chairs adorned with hot pink and blush pillows beckoned guests to converse while and enjoying the many activities and amenities provided.
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