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Ceiling Transformation

One dynamic way to transform an event space is to focus on the ceiling. See the resulting whimsical and romantic setting.

Sometimes the best area to focus on when transforming a large room is the ceiling and that’s exactly what the designers at LMD Productions focused on.
The client wanted to lighten up the darker walls and ceiling and create a simplistically elegant mood to the large, circular ballroom surrounded by windows and white stone accenting.
Upon entering the room, your eyes naturally gravitated to the massive, circular lighting fixture suspended from the beamed, dome ceiling. The vision was to highlight the circular chandelier and bring the eye down. Sheer white fabric panels inset with white miniature lighting were suspended at a center point above the chandelier, elegantly cascading to the outside perimeter walls. This created a canopy treatment throughout allowing the massive chandelier to become the centerpiece for the entire room.
The perimeter walls were then unwashed in soft hues of pinks creating a romantic, finishing treatment throughout the ballroom.
The result was a whimsical, romantic setting!

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