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Bar Mitzvah at Cable Center

We loved providing event lighting and decor for a bar mitzvah at the Cable Center.

LMD Productions had a blast on “Club Asher’s” Bar Mitzvah at the Cable Center. We played off of the venue’s modern aesthetics; glass, chrome, dome ceiling, and tile flooring. The entire room was washed in a moody purple and blue. The ceiling featured moving gobo patterns including starbursts and geometric designs.
The perimeter bars incorporated uplighting contributing to the evening’s moody club vibe. Custom neon lighting “Be Like Ash” personalized the entire space in a unique manner.
Wedding vows were renewed under a breathtaking chuppah at Temple Emanuel. The Chuppah was embellished with sheer white fabric and surrounded with endless white roses and petals, beautiful orchids and elegant tulips. The florals cascaded down the stairs and along the aisle where petals completed the design at the beginning of a monogrammed aisle runner. Truly a memorable and sophisticated celebration.
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